April and Angel in the Triangle
August 13-14 2016

Atlanta Tango will pay a visit to Durham, NC the second weekend of August, 2016. The weekend will include two classes by Angel Montero and April Parker, and a new edition of MUJER, the followers technique workshop envisioned by April.
This are the details of the weekend

Weekend Schedule

We have prepared a very attractive workshops program, including musicality, technique and choreography.

Saturday, August 13
1-2:30pm: GAME OF TORQUES. Turns, twists and leg interactions (ganchos, sacadas, leg wraps).
2:45-4:15pm: DANCING TO D'ARIENZO. They did not call him "El Rey del compás" for nothing.

9pm: MILONGA UTOPIA- DJ: Angel Montero
$10 payable at the door, not included in any pass.

Sunday, August 14
1-3pm: MUJER - Women's Technique taken to the next level

For more details about contents for the classes, please, scroll down.


All events will take place at

Triangle Dance Studios
2603 S. Miami Blvd., Durham, North Carolina 27703


IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of August 9th, registration for Saturday's classes is just open for leaders and couples. Followers must register with a partner (but not necessarily take the classes together). The moment gender balance is restored, registration for followers will re-open. Meanwhile, please send us a message using our CONTACT page to be notified as soon as registration is re-opened.
Registration for Sunday Class (MUJER with April Parker) is open without restrictions.

Advanced registration is possible by Paypal.
On site registration will be possible by cash, check and credit card. when registering for one class, please let us know which one you are registering usgin our CONTACT form:

Once Class: $20 (plus $1.50 Paypal fee)

Two Classes: $35 (plus $1.50 Paypal fee)

Two Classes - Couple registering together: $60 (plus $2.00 Paypal fee)

SUNDAY CLASS (MUJER): $20 (plus $1.50 Paypal fee)


Want to know more what the classes are about? No problem, Here a more detailed explanation:

GAME OF TORQUES: With less imagination, this class can be called "GANCHOS and SACADAS" or "LEG INTERACTIONS", but we always face our choreography classes as a game, and in this case the final result (we are all winners in our games) depends on weight changes, torsions and timing. Lots of visual effects, but you need to know the technique underneath.

DANCING TO D'ARIENZO: Rhythmic music, and D'Arienzo in particular can not be danced with the same mind set as more melodic songs. We will use familiar steps and twist them to fit the music and the spirit of "El Rey del Compás"

MUJER: This is not an embellishment workshop (too often they are presented as women's technique). April believes that to become the best dancers we can be, we must understand the techniques to lead and follow movement, and once this is understood and learned, you can have the capability to inspire and be inspired by adding musicality and life to your dance and your partner's dance through the comfort of your movement and focus on the music, your partner, and the space around the two of you.


Angel and April will be available for private instruction on a limited basis.
Please contact us by e-mail or phone (404-376 6732).