Angel & April- Milonga in Nashville


Angel & April- Troilo in Nashville



April and Angel dancing "Ricardo Vidort style" to start the Int/Adv series "Things I learned from the Old Guys". December 2013
Chique - Francisco Canaro


April and Angel - Nashville. September 2013
Mi Buenos Aires - Francisco Canaro

April and Angel. Augusta Tango Festival, September 2010.
"Milonga, vieja milonga" by D'Arienzo

April and Angel. Augusta Tango Festival.
"El Adiós" by Donato.

Barbara Durr and Angel Montero. Augusta Mini Tango Festival. September 2008
"Vals" workshop demo. Clip by Deborah Hargroves.


Barbara Durr and Angel Montero. Atlanta Regional eXchange. October 2007
"La Milonga que Faltaba" by Edgardo Donato. Clip by Michelle Chan.


Eric Jorissen and Barbara Durr. June 2007.
"Viviani" by Carlos Di Sarli. Clip by Jay Aland


Barbara Durr and Robert Hauk.
San Diego, January 2007 (Clip by


Barbara and Angel. Intermediate Intensive Workshop Demo.
"Volver" by Osvaldo Fresedo. January 2007 (Clip by Steve Neely).

Alicia Pons demo with Angel.
"Desde el Alma " by Osvaldo Pugliese. January 2006