Angel Montero
and April Parker are the couple that dancers love to watch- because of the vitality, passion, joy and playfulness that are expressed through their dance. They are the ones you see in milongas with big smiles on their faces while they are dancing to their favorite milongas. Their dances are constantly transforming, and their love for the dance takes them to explore and create new trends and to revere old trends of tango. April and Angel feel that the dance itself is always changing, and in its very nature, is improvisational. Dancing milonga is their specialty.

Angel has been teaching since 2006, while April started teaching local classes in early 2008; they have been regular teaching partners since 2007, and they have been invited to teach in the Southeast (Augusta and Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC; Durham and Asheville, NC; Birmingham, AL), Memphis, St. Louis and Kansas CIty, MO and Salamanca, Spain. Angel and April have been the fixtures of "Tango en Español", as part of the Spanish Immersion Program of Morehouse College in Atlanta for the past four years.

Their style of teaching addresses mechanics, technique and concepts, and they encourage themselves and the dancers in their classes to create their own unique style and way of expressing themselves in a dance. Both Angel and April believe that dancers need a very strong foundation of walking, turning, stopping and pivoting techniques and most importantly, awareness of comfortable body mechanics (posture, connection and embrace flexibility)- before dancers progress to the difficult advanced choreographic classes. Dancers with strong foundations make better dancers who can improvise with ease and create their own unique choreographies and movement.


Angel Montero

Known for his musicality and his milonga dancing skills, Angel always challenges his students to make the dance their own, instead of imitating a series of moves that can be easily forgotten. He emphasizes improvisation, fluidity and listening to their partners as the main foundations for the students' progression. He prefers to use more easy to understand terms in explanations, which helps the class understand better what parts of their bodies need to be used and how.

Angel started teaching in 2004, helping in Barbara Durr's local classes, and together with April, took over Atlanta Tango classes in 2010.

He started dancing in 2002, and discovered the social aspect of the dance soon after, after taking classes with several teachers visiting teachers in a short period of time (Brigitta Winkler, Alicia Pons and Susana Miller). After that fast start, Angel continued studying with milonguero legends like Cacho Dante, Ricardo Vidort and Ruben Harymbat, and followed some of the best teachers touring the US, like Robin Thomas, Brigitta Winkler, Alex Krebs, Tomás Howlin, Felipe Martinez and Eric Jørissen. You can see their influence in his dance. His curiosity for tango has taken him to study with teachers of different tango styles (Osvaldo Zotto, Facundo Posadas, Homer Ladas, Fabián Salas, Murat and Michelle, Oliver and Silvina, Chicho and Juana, Horacio Godoy, Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli), and he keeps exploring and taking any opportunity he is given to add new qualities to his dance.

In addition to teaching, Angel started DJing locally in 2004, and over the years he has become one of the most sought after DJs in the country. He has been the DJ of choice for many special events in the Southeast, and now he is being invited to DJ in festivals all over the country, like Denver, Ann Arbor, Austin, Kansas City, Tangosutra (Washington, DC), Puerto Rico, Tampa, Cleveland, Maratonazo (NYC), Dallas and Tango Element (Baltimore, MD). Angel usually favors rhythmic music (D’Arienzo rocks) but he pays close attention to the energy he gets form the dance floor. Most importantly, he does not believe in “killing the milonga”, he always wants you to go home wanting more. For more details on where to listen to his music next, visit our TRAVELING SCHEDULE page. Angel was also the organizer of the in-haitus Atlanta Tango Festival, one of the best tango festivals in the US.

Angel is always available for private classes (individuals, couples or small groups). For more information, use our CONTACT page or call (404) 376-6732.


April began her journey into the world of Argentine tango in 2003 in Buenos Aires. She immediately fell in love with the music, and then the dance when she took her first class there. After taking classes for some time when she returned to the US, April joined Barbara Durr’s class in 2005. She studied primarily with Barbara, and during this time, she began to develop her own dance.

April's ability to both lead and follow enables her to understand both sides of the embrace and the subtle movements within. She loves to challenge followers to become active with the abilites to contribute to and improvise within a dance-and helps followers gain the knowledge and confidence to dance with all types of leaders. She loves to challenge dancers to improve their fundamental technique and for advanced people, to try new ideas of movement in order to allow for a more improvisational dance instead of a 'body memory' routine.

She credits her dance as being an amalgam of several strong influences: Susana Miller, Brigitta Winkler, Robin Thomas, Eric Jørissen, Alicia Pons, Barbara Durr and Juana Sepulveda.

April developed the MUJER Y HOMBRE workshops, which is intense and in-depth investigation and practice of technique for dancers who are serious about progressing in their dance; she feels that mastery of technique is what truly helps improve dancers and helps them to become better dancers in a shorter amount of time.

April is also available for private classes (individuals, couple and small groups) and specializes in leaders' and followers' techniques, different movement techniques, and bodywork. For more information, please contact her using our CONTACT page.

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Barbara Durr

Barbara Durr is the founder and original Master Instructor at Atlanta Tango. She has relocated to Washington, DC in 2010, and after taking a little bit of time to settle into her new home, she is teaching weekly classes in DC. Barbara's and Eugenia Park's new tango school in DC, Tango Seekers, is certain to be a very inspiring contribution to the DC tango scene.



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Barbara Durr